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The lemon is a tree that can be from 3 to 6 meters high. Its sprouts and petals are white and violet coloured.

Its fruit outside is yellow and, inside, uncoloured; it has got a spherical shape that can become oval, often it has a wart at the apex and at the other tip it is pointed. Its rind can be very rough and also crisp; more or less covered by a spongy white mass called pith, that is inedible. Usually, the lemons are cultivated in order to produce fruits, but this plant can be potted for an ornamental purpose. For the potted cultivation, we suggest earth specific for the citrus and the annual repotting before the winter cover in the greenhouse.

Common noun


Latin name

Citrus limon



Diameter of the pot Ø

15 - 20 - 35

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With fruits