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About Us

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About Us

It was the 30th September 2009 when the Association MilazzoFlora set up. To this day, it is uniting 18 farms inside Milazzo plain.

Among its corporate purposes, there is the defence of the activities and interests peculiar of our profession, promoting the collective visibility of all the members in the National and international markets, with a more abundant and variegated offer. We are stimulating and supporting efficiently the research institutes in order to face properly the present technique problems and the future of our productive sector and stirring a policy of the environment, the territory and the rural space aiming to defend and enhance the plain resources and to direct at excellence productions.

The Milazzo plain embraces the territories of the Tyrrhenian Messina strip going from Villafranca Tirrena to Capo Calavà, with a specific microclimate, typified by small ranges of temperatures that let to cultivate also some species belonging to sub-tropical and, sometimes, tropical climate without any aid of greenhouse implants or heating systems. A remarkable energy saving is flanked by a lofty brightness, also in winter; for this reason it is possible to produce high-quality plants, appreciated both by the National market both by the European one.

The nursery-gardening in Milazzo plain started at the end of Seventies as the natural effect of the crisis in the viticulture and the horticulture but, above all, of the flair and the pioneering spirit of some horticultural producers who believed in the development of a new agricultural sector. Due to the acquired experience, year by year and to the different cultural typologies, our productions are well placed in the National and International markets, warding off, at least for the short period, the commercial crisis that this sector is perceiving.

The productions, specific of the member nursery gardens, concerning to the different families, types and species, but all of them cultivated in different forms and typologies such as the Olive, Citrus, Grevillea, Wax flower, Polygala, Cytisus, Bougainvillea, Oleander, Callistemon, Mimosa, Leptospermum, Myrthus, Kentia, Gardenia, Chamaedorea, Mandevillea, Sundaville, Plumeria, Stephanotis, Ryncospermum and a wide offer of Palms and ornamental plants and fructiferous subtropical ones.